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God's Eternal Love Story
Long before humanity was ever created, God determined that His love story would be the greatest of all stories - the one that would set the standard for all other romantic tales. It would be a story of the romance of the ages - one set in motion with the creation of man and continuing throughout the endless ages of eternity...
Wake Up Sleeping Beauty
Do you know who you really are? Do you realize that as God’s own handiwork you are ravishingly beautiful? Do you understand how passionately you are loved even in the midst of your humanness replete with its flaws, failures and weaknesses? Do you perceive the incredible role God has ordained for you to play in His great end-time drama? If your answer to some or all of these questions is “No” or “I’m not sure”, you are spiritually asleep and similar to “Sleeping Beauty” you are in need of being a
Embracing a Personal and Passionate Relationship with God
God is in pursuit of His Bride, relentlessly seeking to draw her into the Divine romance. It’s the time for love - the time for the Bride of Christ to embrace a personal, passionate relationship with her God - a relationship that defies logic and lifts her into the sweetest, most satisfying relationship known to the human heart…the Divine romance...
Rise Up My Love
Our Beloved is calling. If we listen closely we will hear His call. It sounds like this: “My Beloved speaks and says to me, rise up my love, my fair one, and come away” (Song of Solomon 2:10). What an incredible invitation! However, we find that His call often comes to us at inconvenient times. Responding to our Beloved’s call is a paramount issue in our quest for the Divine romance...
The Spirit's guidance on Love's Long Journey
We are on a journey- a spiritual journey that is leading us toward the matchless day that we will be joined in holy matrimony with our Heavenly Bridegroom. When that special day arrives, we will have become the Bride of His dreams - that is a Bride who has been transformed into the likeness of Christ, being a reflection of His glorious beauty. This awesome destiny that has been conferred upon us will become a wonderful reality through (and only through) the workings of the Holy Spirit within us. Without Holy Spirit activity, nothing of any eternal significance can be worked in our hearts and lives, including the forming of the glorious Bride of Christ. Wherefore, if we are intent on becoming a glorious Bride, our vital union and connectedness with the Holy Spirit are of utmost importance..
A God in Love with His Cherished Creation
As we consider all that our Redeemer Bridegroom did for us, we question, “How could this be that our God wanted us so much that He willingly made the ultimate sacrifice in giving up His life for us”? There is only one possible explanation: He is a God in love with His creation. Therefore, the Holy Spirit is on assignment, wooing and drawing us into deeper places in the love of God. He is drawing us to the place of becoming captivated by His love. What we may not realize is the method God uses to accomplish this...
Awakened to the Beauty of our True Identity
These are the days of the preparation of the Bride of Christ. As such, we are being awakened to our identity in Christ. A core truth of our identity is our beauty. Although most women struggle with the issue of beauty, in the deepest part of her soul, a woman secretly longs to be beautiful, especially to her Beloved God. This longing is by divine design. However, rather than allowing the Holy Spirit to reveal how beautiful we are to Him, we stifle this desire, convinced we have no right to reckon ourselves as being the beautiful creature God declares us to be...
Intimacy With The Beloved
There is nothing more important for our life, our destiny, and our future, than in developing intimacy with God. It is vital to understand that everything having to do with both our natural and spiritual life is affected by the depth of intimacy we have with God. Life and fruitfulness flow out of divine intimacy; as do joy, peace, and all the other wonderful life forces that proceed from our heart...
Wholly His
For now and throughout all eternity, we will be the desire and delight of God’s heart. We are His purchased possession, and as such He will never change His mind about desiring us to belong to Him. Nevertheless, there is a fervent ache in His heart concerning our relationship with Him; an indescribable longing that goes far deeper than our name being recorded in His Book of Life. Our Beloved desires for us to be His Own exclusively, entirely, wholly. He yearns for us to give Him complete ownership that He might fully possess the entirety of our being (our mind, our soul, and our heart with all of its affections)...
Holy Beauty
Although, through regeneration, we are ravishingly beautiful in the eyes of God, there is a greater beauty for us yet to attain. We are in process of becoming increasingly more beautiful as we progress in our spiritual life. I am discovering that there are depths of beauty yet to be unveiled to and upon the Bride of Christ, both here in this life, and throughout all eternity. As the Bride of Christ becomes more prominent in her end-time role, she will not only function in a great level of authority and dominion, she will be an incredible creature of awesome beauty; a beauty that will astonish the world...
All Glorious Within
The Bride of Christ is currently in the greatest building project ever constructed. We are becoming the finished product of the workmanship of God. When God’s work (us) is completed, the world will be in awe of this radiantly, glorious being, for she will be a “bearer” of the glory of God. The glory that she will carry will be of far greater magnitude than any previous generation...
Consider Your Destiny
We are rapidly approaching the end of this age. As such, the Church is eagerly awaiting the soon return of Jesus. Much of the Church is asleep, anticipating the rapture as the next grand event on God’s calendar. However, there is yet a mighty work to be done and a great harvest of souls to be reaped before the jubilant trumpet blast that will signal our departure from this earth realm...
The Romance of Redemption
Once upon a time we were lost and without God in this world. We lived our selfish lives doing as we pleased. Our hearts were corrupted by sin. We were bound by the dictates of our flesh and didn’t even know we could be free. We were living without hope, having no glorious “forever” to move toward. Then a most wonderful thing happened: The God of all grace came to our rescue and provided a way of escape for us through His marvelous plan of redemption...
The Romance of Redemption Part2
What a magnificent thing it is to be a redeemed one! However, with this reality, we must realize we were not merely redeemed in order to be secure in the fact that our sins are forgiven, and we will miss hell and have an eternal home in heaven. Redemption is far more reaching than most Christians realize. Our redemption is vast, consisting of many facets. It has to do with our past, our present, and our future. Not only have we been put back into a right relationship with God, having been cleansed of our sins, but we also have an inheritance not fully realized. We have a destiny we are moving towards; the destiny of becoming a fit and suitable Bride for our Redeemer Bridegroom...
Awakened to Righteousness
We are living in a time and in a season where it is crucial for the Bride of Christ to walk in the light of her redemption. In order to accomplish this, it is essential to have a heart revelation of our true identity, knowing and embracing the reality of who we have been made to be through our union with Christ Jesus. Of the many facets of our glorious identity “in Christ Jesus”, righteousness is the foundational component. In order to fulfill our role as the end-time Bride of Christ, we simply must be awakened to righteousness!
Established in Righteousness
As the Bride of Christ, we are presently being formed and prepared for our role in God’s great end-time drama.  To fulfill our role, it is critical for our faith to become firmly grounded in God’s plan of redemption.  Through redemption, we acquire a brand-new identity; an identity fashioned after the image and likeness of God.  The foundational component of our spiritual identity is righteousness.  It is therefore, of utmost importance for the Bride of Christ to become established in righteousness.
The Longing Soul
Our quest for becoming intimate lovers with God is wrapped up in the longings of our heart.  Without intense longing, we will never come close to God.  What is so vital for us to realize is that these longings do not originate with us; they have been placed deep in our inward parts by God Himself.  It is by divine design that we have desires, longings, cravings, and yearnings deep in the core of our being.  The outworking of these longings is wrapped up in following hard after God...
The Longing Soul Part 2
 The story of Hannah portrays a riveting prophetic picture of a soul with deep and desperate longings, and yet feels barren and unfulfilled.  How it behooves the Bride of Christ to understand the purpose and process of barrenness! Spiritual barrenness is attached to divine purpose.  Through barrenness, God creates a desperate cry within our heart; a cry intended to cause us to follow hard after Him.  God inspired longings woo us into the destiny God has ordained for us. For you see, once we fully surrender ourselves unto the Lord, we find that our desires have changed in purpose, conforming us to the perfect will of God (which is far greater than our expectations).  We then, similar to Hannah, come into alignment with God’s eternal plans and glorious purposes for our lives.
Resurrection Life and Power
What a wonderful season of the year this is as we celebrate the glorious resurrection of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!  There is no other issue more demanding of our attention than the death and resurrection of our Lord.  His resurrection is the greatest and most significant event recorded in the Bible (and also in human history). Through the resurrection of Christ Jesus, we have been blessed with the ever living hope of an eternal salvation; a salvation that makes full provision for both our life here in this earth and our “forever after” throughout the endless ages of eternity.
Becoming Unshakable
Becoming is the process of our whole spiritual life. What we become “in God” is of utmost importance! We have a tendency to major on what we do, rather than on what we are becoming. God is far more interested in our “becoming”. For you see, our becoming who God created us to be is crucial to fulfilling our role in His great end-time drama and our forever after as the eternal companion of Christ. The primary work of the Holy Spirit in our life is to transform us into the image of Christ. A vital part of our transformation involves becoming unshakable.
Building An Unshakable House
The Bride of Christ is currently in the greatest building project of all time.  The finished product of this incredible creation will be a “glorious house” which will stand unshakable in the midst of a world that is falling apart.  Although destined to become unshakable, the Bride of Christ needs to realize that she has a part to play in her destiny.  In order to reach completion (thus enabling her to fulfill her role in God’s great end-time drama), the Bride of Christ must follow the instructions given to her in God’s word.  One such instruction is found in the parable Jesus taught concerning the wise and foolish builders. . 
Wisdom:The Rock of Stability
The perilous days in which we live are times of great instability.  For the Believer, these days demand that we walk (order our lifestyle) circumspectly (carefully with exactness, accurately, cautiously, vigilantly, watchfully).  To live in this manner, we must have the wisdom of God functioning in our heart daily. 
Going Deep In God
There is a deep place in God for us, and those who are wise are pressing for it!  Far too many Christians are content with a nominal, “just get by” life, having little or even no inclination toward the deeper spiritual life.  For these, satisfaction comes in merely knowing they are born again, and their eternal home is heaven. How foolish!  What we do in this life affects our future state in eternity.  When we stand face to face with our Beloved, all that we attained, all that we acquired, will pale in comparison to the only thing which really mattered: the relationship we had with Him in our earth life.  How wise the Believer who passionately longs to go deeper in God!   
Wise and Foolish Virgins
One of the last parables that Jesus taught, the parable of the wise and foolish virgins, holds a deep spiritual truth for the Bride of Christ to ponder.  From this end-time parable, we discover that in the end of time, there will be a clear distinction found within the Bride of Christ:  those who are wise, and those who are foolish.  The wise are prepared for the delayed arrival of their Bridegroom, whereas the foolish are not prepared.  The determining factor:  Oil.
Oil in the Dwelling of the Wise
Without a doubt, we are living in the midst of prophetic times.  We watch in amazement as events foretold in the Bible unfold before us. These events serve as a reminder of the soon coming of our Messiah Bridegroom.  In the parable of the wise and foolish virgins (an end-time parable), Jesus taught the importance of being ready for His coming.  He emphasized that those who are wise have an abundant supply of oil.  Proverbs 21:20 states:  “There are precious treasure and oil in the dwelling of the wise…”  In both the Old and New Testaments, oil is used as a symbol of the Holy Spirit.  It is essential for us to understand the power and purpose of the indwelling Spirit of God.  One of His primary missions in the closing hours of this age is to make ready a glorious Bride for God’s
The Greatest Gift of All
“Unto us a Son is given” (Isaiah 9:6).  These words penned by the prophet Isaiah speak of the most magnificent and glorious Gift of all - a Gift that can’t be bought with the rarest jewels or the finest gold. Throughout my lifetime, I have received many wonderful and costly gifts, but none compare to God’s unspeakable Gift – my Beloved Jesus!  “ … He is altogether lovely - the whole of him delights and is precious.  This is my beloved, and this is my friend…” (Song of Solomon 5:16).
A Word for 2013
Here we stand once again at the beginning of a new year.  Although we find ourselves in the midst of perilous and uncertain times, we can look forward to 2013 with great anticipation, for I sense we are standing at the threshold of one of the greatest hours in the history of the Church.  The Bride of Christ is about to arise and shine with ever – increasing degrees of the glory of God.
Carrying the Dreams of God
Within the womb of our spirit, each of us carries dreams; not ordinary dreams, but “God-breathed” dreams – dreams planted in our inward parts by the direct operation of the Holy Spirit.  As we yield ourselves to God’s plans and purposes for our lives, we find God is leading and guiding us toward the completion of these dreams.  This exciting journey will move us from faith to faith, strength to strength, and glory to glory.