About the Author
Muriel Halverson, Bible teacher and founder of Glorious

Muriel Halverson: Author and Founder of Glorious About Me: I currently live in North Georgia with my wonderful husband of forty four years, whom I met while attending Bible College. We have three married sons and seven precious grandchildren.

I began teaching the Bible to young girls, over thirty five years ago, and then, over the years, the Lord opened up doors for me to teach various ladies groups. From 1991 to 2006, I taught both a ladies prayer group and the Women of the Word Adult Sunday School Class at Free Chapel Worship Center in Gainesville, Georgia under Pastor Jentezen Franklin. I am currently working on my second book and writing articles for

My Testimony: My first recollection of God’s activity in my life took place when I was five years old. I was spending a year with my grandparents in Florida, and God brought a special friend named Mimi into my young world. How well I remember the day that Mimi’s mother explained the plan of salvation to me. At this time in my life, I didn’t completely comprehend the gospel. However, a living seed of God’s Word was planted within me; a seed that came to life three years later when I received Jesus as my Savior. When I was twelve years old, I dedicated my life to the Lord, giving myself to Him, to use in whatever way he desired. After I graduated from high school, I attended Open Bible College in Des Moines, Iowa. It was there I met my husband, and we were married a year later.

In my mid-twenties, the Lord spoke to my heart as I was studying Psalms 45. His words stirred me to the core of my being. He said: “The Kings daughter is all glorious within” (verse 13). He further said to me, “She is beautiful on the inside”. Immediately, this became the aim of my heart and life. Although I now realize that through the process of regeneration, God made me gloriously beautiful, I also know there is a greater gloriousness yet to obtain. For this greater glory, I continue to press.

My Greatest Quest: It is the passion of my heart, when this earth life is over, to stand glorious before the face of my Beloved Jesus, having become a Bride transformed into His very Own likeness. How thankful I am for the precious Holy Spirit, for without His help and enablement, I could never attain my goal of standing glorious before my Heavenly Bridegroom. The Holy Spirit is my dearest Friend and constant Companion. My connection with Him is crucial to my spiritual development and preparation as the Bride of Christ. It is the Holy Spirit Who is supernaturally transforming me into the image of Jesus; forming and framing me into a glorious Bride. I am becoming the finished product of His workmanship. I lean on, rely, and put my total trust in Him and on His continual activity and workings in my heart and life.