The Coming Glory

January 1, 2023

Glorious Bride of Christ, we have come to a crucial place in the implementation of God's eternal design and intentions. We have entered the days of a New Era unfolding on the timetable of God's purposes for the ages. As such, we are discovering that a new era requires many changes; even some radical changes. For example, think of the great changes that took place in the early Church after the day of Pentecost when they were filled with the Holy Spirit. This supernatural event transformed God's people forever! God Himself was now indwelling His new creation as they literally became His temple in this earth. Lives and lifestyles changed drastically as they became vessels inhabited with the Spirit of the living God! What God did in and through the early Church will pale in comparison to that which He has planned for His Bride in the coming days. We are about to experience an amazing reformation that will astound the world!


Many believe that we are at the very end of time and therefore are awaiting the jubilant trumpet blast signaling the return of Jesus for His Church. We must understand there is still a mighty work to be accomplished and a great harvest of souls to be delivered out of the kingdom of darkness into God's kingdom of light before Jesus comes for His Church. This harvest will exceed every previous outpouring of the Holy Spirit. I believe that we have entered the days of the advancement of the Kingdom of God in which the whole world will be filled with the knowledge of the glory of the Lord.

Our great God is turning the pages of His eternal story written before the foundation of time, and as He does, His plans are unfolding in this earth realm. We are at the threshold of a divine invasion of the manifest glory of God. Our eyes are about to behold "the greatest show on earth". We are on the brink of this natural realm being invaded by the eternal, supernatural realm of God. The magnitude of that which we are about to experience cannot be measured by anything that has previously taken place in this earth realm. We will stand in awe as we behold the miraculous unfold as God's magnificent glory fills and floods our world! There shall be mighty signs and wonders, notable miracles, great healings, marvelous salvations, and awesome deliverances beyond our wildest dreams.

Thousands of years ago God spoke to Moses of this invasion of glory. He said, "But as truly as I live, and as all the earth shall be filled with the glory of the Lord"(Numbers 14:21). It shall be! Every word that proceeds from the mouth of God comes to pass! God also spoke to the prophet Habakkuk concerning His glory. "But [the time is coming when] the earth shall be filled with the knowledge of the glory of the Lord,as the waters cover the sea" (Habakkuk 2:14). As Habakkuk prayed concerning this awesome prophetic declaration, he supernaturally looked through the corridors of time and saw God's glory covering the heavens and the earth resounding with His praise. In this vision, Habakkuk saw the God of glory as bright as the sun. Before his vision ended, Habakkuk saw God marching through the land for the salvation, deliverance, and victory of His people (Habakkuk 3:3-13). Heaven is coming to earth! Our world is about to experience a supernatural invasion. We are about to witness what eye has not seen, nor ear heard! The magnitude of what God is about to perform is beyond anything we can presently imagine. We will be living and functioning in the days of God's manifest presence.

WHEN GOD'S GLORY COMES, IT WILL CHANGE EVERYTHING! It will transform us. It will alter the course of our lives. Our desires will change. There will be a shifting of our affections and priorities. We will have a reckless and abandoned love for our Lord. This will propel us into a place of pressing into God. He will be the passion of our heart. Our cry will be, "more of You, more of Your life, more of Your nature, more of Your likeness, more of Your fullness". We will cry out with a passionate desire to be transformed into the image and likeness of our Beloved Redeemer. Holiness will become a way of life. The natural realm will lose its hold on us and the spiritual dimension will become preeminent and dominate. We will "set our hearts on the great realities of the heavenly sphere and our constant concern will be with heavenly realities and not with worldly trivialities" (Colossians 3:2 William Barclay translation). We will become more aware of the heavenly, supernatural realm than the earthly realm! We will then find ourselves moving from dependency on the natural things of this life to dependency on the supernatural provisions of God.

It is fundemental for us to comprehend that we have come to the Kingdom of God for this day and this hour. We are not here at this time in history by accident, but by divine appointment. We were chosen before the foundation of the world to be alive in this earth in the twenty first century. These moments in time are precious! We are arising to a place of doing the greater works that Jesus spoke of in John 14:12. As such,there will be unusual signs and wonders accompanied with notable manifestations and renown demonstrations taking place all over this world. God's power will flow in unprecedented ways through His Church. Rivers of living water will issue forth out of our spiritual bellies (John 7:38). Truly we will be living epistles of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Bride of Christ, what exciting days we are living in! We are coming into the time of our destinies (that which God has ordained for our lives from the foundation of the world) being fulfilled. We are on the verge of arising in glorious splendor, participating in the greatest move of God the world has ever experienced. We will be God's glorious, victorious, triumphant Church in this earth realm. Know this with certainty: What God has planned concerning the outpouring of His glory will not be stopped. There is no man, no evil plan, no politician, no religion or demon that can stop God's dream of filling and flooding the earth with His glory!


Marvelous days are these. I have been preparing you for the greatest outpouring of My Spirit that this world has ever experienced. It's so close now - the unveiling of My glory. As My holy habitation, you, My Bride will carry My glory from one end of the earth to the other. There is not a place that shall not be touched by My glory. Even though intense darkness is covering this earth, the darkness will only serve as a backdrop for the light and magnificence of My glory. Come close to Me My precious Bride. Pursue Me with your whole being. I fervently long to be the passionate yearning of your heart and affections! No one can satisfy you as I do. There is no higher pleasure than that which you experience through your union and communion with Me. Your greatest need is an impartation of Me. You need My fullness in your heart and life. Through our union, I will make you complete; make you whole. I will make you to become conformed and transformed into My glorious image. Transformation into Christ likeness is what constitutes true gloriousness. From this position, you will carry a weight of glory that is far superior to that of previous generations. It will surely be said of you, even as is recorded of the Temple of old, when the house was finished, the glory of the Lord filled the house (1 Kings 8:11).


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Scripture References:
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Unless otherwise stated, all scripture quotations from Amplified Bible
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