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If this is your first time here, Welcome! I am thankful for this opportunity to share my heart with you concerning God's Glorious Bride, her relationship with her Beloved Redeemer, and the incredible role God has ordained for her to fulfill in His incredible love story of the ages. I pray that this site may be a true blessing to you.

Muriel Halverson

Carrying the Dreams of God

Sep 7, 2022

Within the womb of our spirit, we carry dreams - not ordinary dreams, but "God-breathed" dreams. These dreams could be referred to as "dream seeds". These seeds are planted in our inward parts by the direct operation of the Holy Spirit. Once implanted, these precious, supernatural seeds become part of our spiritual DNA. Our dream seeds carry an incredible destiny - a destiny greater than our natural ability to fulfill. Our destiny is so magnificent and important that it mandates that God Himself (with our cooperation) brings forth the reality of His plans and purposes (His dreams) for our life.

Coming Soon!

Fall 2022

The Coming Glory:
Bride of Christ, what an amazing, exciting time to be alive! Our greatest days lie before us. We are at the threshold of beholding "the greatest show on earth" as God's glory floods this world. While many are anticipating the rapture of the Church as the next grand event on God's calendar, we must understand that before the jubilant trumpet blast signals our departure from this earth, there is much to be accomplished and a great harvest of souls to come into the Kingdom of God. Although God will release mighty signs and wonders in this earth realm, We, His Glorious Bride must have a revelation of our true identity and the incredible role we will fulfill in God's great end time drama. We are about to arise and shine in the radiant glory of God, participating in the greatest move of God this world has ever experienced.

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