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If this is your first time here, Welcome! I am thankful for this opportunity to share my heart with you concerning God's Glorious Bride, her relationship with her Beloved Redeemer, and the incredible role God has ordained for her to fulfill in His incredible love story of the ages. I pray that this site may be a true blessing to you.

Muriel Halverson

The Holy Spirit: Our Divine Helper

May 11, 2024

Our lives, our destinies, and our future, are dependent upon our pilgrimage into the depths of intimacy with our Beloved. This being the case, we are discovering that in the midst of our busy lives with all its demands, responsibilities, and activities, we are being awakened and supernaturally wooed into greater depths of intimacy with our...

The Divine Romance

Feb 05, 2024

We, who are in union with Christ, are living our lives in the midst of the most amazing, wonderful, love story ever conceived. Our remarkable story is not just any tale, but rather, it is our own personal story with our very own Beloved Prince! And just as our favorite love stories are linked with romance (the process...

The Coming Glory

Jan 01, 2023

Glorious Bride of Christ, we have come to a crucial place in the implementation of God's eternal design and intentions. We have entered the days of a New Era unfolding on the timetable of God's purposes for the ages. As such, we are discovering that a new era requires many changes; even some radical changes. For...

Wake Up Sleeping Beauty

Jun 01, 2023

Never in the history of mankind has it been more imperative than it is now for the Bride of Christ to be awake! Time is rapidly marching forward on God's timetable and there is much yet to be accomplished before Jesus comes for His Bride. We are exhorted in Romans: 13:11, 12: "Besides this you know what [a critical] hour...

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